GK Hair Professional


At GK Hair, we are dedicated to developing, innovating, marketing, and distributing the most advanced professional hair care products globally. Our products are highly recommended by top hair professionals in the world's finest salons. Our portfolio is represented by the most respected hair stylists and educators in the industry.

Our signature ingredient is Juvexin, a keratin anti-aging blend of proteins and peptides that is optimized specifically for hair. Juvexin has been developed to protect and restore the hair to its youthful state and is used in all our products worldwide. It penetrates throughout the hair shaft, providing important conditioning and moisturizing benefits that improve softness, reduce friction, and enable hair to better withstand heat. It makes hair less prone to breakage, improves the lubricity of hair, and gives hair overall better manageability.

On both wet and dry hair, there is less entanglement during brushing, making the hair less prone to breakage and improving manageability.